Passion of art


Art, music and literature are combined in a single thread.
It’s always a hassle to find a blog that isn’t just centered on a single theme. As a passionate art student, I’m always looking for new cultural differences and major social changes in music or even literature. So I decided to make my own branded informational library so people from all around the world could participate in sending me cultural news. I believe that in the general sense, Art is a social acceptance in the same way culture can be. If we are to open our mind, we are to accept that beauty isn’t always what some of us consider a logical rule. Beauty can be found in a new sound, in a book that pose new questions on life or a sculpture that is questionable.


Art being everywhere and nowhere in the same instant, I will try to transmit my vision of beauty my spreading out conventions and accepted definitions to make Art, culture and music mean a whole different thing.