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Why is Nature important in contemporary art ?

art gallery monaco

Nature is important to all of us, but artists can play a role in showing us how to save it.

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Vintage objects in contemporary art


Vintage objects can be recycled and add interest to contemporary art.

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All you need to know about art galleries

art gallery monaco

Art galleries are not just for rich patrons. A gallery is there to be visited by students, artists and everyone for whom art matters.

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Discover Marcelline Lapouffe

marcelline lapouffe lust

Marcelline LaPouffe; a genuine pseudonym for this young artist is one she uses to characterize herself. With it, she is free to express her inner eccentric universe monaco-style. It is with this name she expresses her take on themes that interest her. Read More →

AI or Artist: Who created this art?


Artists, automation, and arts are words that rarely come together, but this isn’t the case today. Within contemporary art, finding these words in the same place is no longer a challenge. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (« AI ») tools, we now create artistic work in contemporary times using automation for painting including editing of fine arts. This wasn’t so in the era known as the Modern art period from the history of art. Read More →

Nature in art : the case of contemporary art

philippe pastor

Nature in Contemporary Art

Exploring nature in art takes many forms, and artwork that is based on nature serves many different purposes. Because ‘nature’ encompasses such a wide range of topics and subtopics, there is a diverse offering of inspiring phenomena all around us to provide the painter, sculpture creator, and all other artists with an endless array of nature-related subjects to focus on. Read More →

AEA Monaco: an art and environment association

aea monaco

Art and environment: two separate domains which are innately intwined. Art can be a powerful tool, and often makes it’s viewer think and reflect, but is it possible to change the way the world behaves around environmental issues? AEA thinks so!

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I’ve done some reading so you don’t have to: Suggestions for decorating your interiors with artwork


Are you living in a new place, in which you’d like to create a world which reflects you and in which you can feel comfortable? That was the situation I was in, and so I eagerly read a book on interior design, which taught me many things. Here is a summary of it… Depending on your tastes and your furnishings, you will be able to arrange art pieces in different ways in order to create an aesthetic, modern look, with clean lines and bright colours to draw in more light. Here you will find plenty of advice on how to showcase a painting. Read More →

What is a Hipanema bracelet ?


Hipane-what ? After more than two years, you’ve probably heard this word at least once. If not, you are surely wondering why some fashionistas have tooons of bracelets on their wrists and although you still don’t understand, you think it’s rather pretty and nice. Don’t wonder anymore, it’s a Hipanema bracelet ! Read More →

How art can raise awareness for environmental damage?

A responsible and artistic association in Monaco

The “Art & Environnement association” ( is an association created by the painter Philippe Pastor. His work as an artist is focused on the environment and Pastor has always been very committed to climate change and ecology.

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Tattoo artist: a real artistic profession

Tattoo artists are really passionate

This weekend, I decided to take the plunge! I got a tattoo! Since the time I started talking about it… But certain things prevented me from doing it, like the pain! But ultimately it wasn’t so painful. I wanted to share this little piece of my life with you, dear Internet! This is also an opportunity for me to give you some tips on this fashionable trend that’s actually an artistic profession. Read More →

Meet the painter Philippe Pastor


Today, I decided to talk to you about a painter that I discovered : Philippe Pastor… read this ! Read More →