Nature in art : the case of contemporary art
philippe pastor

Nature in Contemporary Art

Exploring nature in art takes many forms, and artwork that is based on nature serves many different purposes. Because ‘nature’ encompasses such a wide range of topics and subtopics, there is a diverse offering of inspiring phenomena all around us to provide the painter, sculpture creator, and all other artists with an endless array of nature-related subjects to focus on.

There are lots of different ways of approaching the topic of nature in contemporary art.

From the virtual pattern deep within us which renders us inseparable from nature to the bold physical objects around us, nature inspires contemporary art to open our eyes and our minds to the exquisite beauty and intricacy of the natural world surrounding us.


philippe pastor

Some Artists to Know

With all this to work with, it’s no surprise that there is so much artwork based on nature from a Van Gogh or Cézanne painting to modern art from artists such as these:

1. Philippe Pastor

One amazing artist, Philippe Pastor, uses living matter to create a visual exhibition of man’s interaction with nature. From his monumental painting to landart works and « The Burned Trees » sculptures series, he uses nature to express our complex connection to it as human beings. Some of his artwork is shown at Monaco Modern’Art gallery.

2. Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta, a Cuban-American artist who is best known for her work ‘Siluetas’ or Silhouettes which can be found in museums in New York, DC, and Denmark.

3. Matilde Roussel

Roussel’s work is a metaphor for how, as humans, we are one with nature. It’s another example of how artwork inspired by nature serves a much larger purpose beyond being mere objects of beauty.

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