Tattoo artist: a real artistic profession
Tattoo artists are really passionate

This weekend, I decided to take the plunge! I got a tattoo! Since the time I started talking about it… But certain things prevented me from doing it, like the pain! But ultimately it wasn’t so painful. I wanted to share this little piece of my life with you, dear Internet! This is also an opportunity for me to give you some tips on this fashionable trend that’s actually an artistic profession.

Tattoo artists are really passionate

Tattoo artists are really passionate

Art throughout this business

While waiting at the tattoo shop, I discovered an infinite number of drawings on the walls! It’s a true temple of tattoos! It’s pretty impressive, I must say. And for my first appointment, I was pretty intimidated. But my tattoo artist (Philippe), quickly reassured me. Throughout the consultation I had with him (this meeting is to determine which design you want). I discovered that the job of a tattoo artist is very artistic! More than a passion, it’s above all, an everyday lifestyle. And that’s how you can recognize good tattoo artists: they are really passionate about their work!

How to choose a tattoo?

There is a variety of designs and patterns for tattoos. The tattoo artist will give you his book to inspire you. But you can also have him draw you one, or draw it yourself! But always remember what’s important: choose a unique tattoo that’s personal and meaningful. This way there’s no risks of your design being on someone else’s body! That would be a shame, and you may regret it. Also keep your job in mind! Attitudes are not all the same concerning this fad, and opinions will often vary. If you need to hide your tattoo from time to time, go for a discreet design that’s easy to cover up with a bit of foundation!

Choose a unique tattoo!

Choose a unique tattoo!

Where should you get your tattoo?

Obviously, you can get your tattoo on any part of your body. This choice is entirely yours. But personally, I urge you (again) to choose an area with consideration to your career, but also in terms of your future plans. For example, if you plan to have children, don’t get a tattoo on your lower belly, as tattoos stretch due to pregnancy. In any case, as you’ll understand, be strategic! There’s no need to rush, and think twice before you do it. It took me one year before I finally did, but I don’t regret it because this allowed me to determine the location as well as the pattern!

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