Meet the painter Philippe Pastor

Today, I decided to talk to you about a painter that I discovered : Philippe Pastor… read this !

Who is Philippe Pastor?

Philippe Pastor was born in Monaco in 1961. This autodidactic artist has followed an atypical path and has already exhibited in different locations all around the world. It is particularly the 52nd and 53rd Venice Biennale that has marked a major turning-point in his career.


Philippe Pastor, an autodidactic and talented artist

What about his work?

Even though his inspiration comes from a lot of different topics, his work as an artist focuses on a main theme: nature…as well as the impact of mankind on it.

As a matter of fact, Pastor uses different natural material, such as pigments, combining soils, plants of all kinds and minerals for his work.

Through his paintings, the artist wants his audience to be confronted to environmental destruction and to highlight the responsibility and guilt of mankind in this destruction.
Ultimately, he wants to show his own vision of life.


The Burned Trees (2011) – Philippe Pastor

Where does he exhibit?

Philippe Pastor has already exhibited his work in some of the biggest cities in the world: London, Nairobi, Paris, St-Tropez, Venice, etc.

In 2013, his participation at Azul Tierra in Barcelona and at Miami River Art Faire in Miami has not gone unnoticed.

New exhibitions will take place in 2014 since Pastor is already expected in Monaco, Casablanca, Sofia and New-York.

2015 will certainly mark his consecration, where he will exhibit at the Expo Milano 2015 (Universal Exposition).


Philippe Pastor is creating in his workshop

If you want to admire Philippe Pastor’s masterpieces, come and visit the Monaco Modern’Art Gallery, where some of his finest work will be exhibited until the 15th September, or in Bordeaux from the 10th of September to the 18th of October… Hurry up !

2 Thoughts on “Meet the painter Philippe Pastor

  1. Nicole on 25 May 2015 at 11 h 35 min said:

    I read your other article on Phillipe Pastor and his work is truly inspiring, I’ll have to go and see his work with my own eyes !

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