Art, music and literature are combined in a single thread.

It’s always a hassle to find a blog that isn’t just centered on a single theme. As a passionate art student, I’m always looking for new cultural differences and major social changes in music or even literature.

So I decided to make my own branded informational library so people from all around the world could participate in sending me cultural news. I believe that in the general sense, Art is a social acceptance in the same way culture can be. If we are to open our mind, we are to accept that beauty isn’t always what some of us consider a logical rule. Beauty can be found in a new sound, in a book that pose new questions on life or a sculpture that is questionable.

About Me

My name is Jessica; I’m a 26 years old student living near Dublin.
If like me, you are passionate about art and culture, this blog will hopefully stir your curiosity. Either you are an instrument enthusiast (guitar, stings, drums, base, live sound & studio), a music admirer, a passionate art lover (painting, art or visual art) or a fan of literature; you have come to the right place.

Discover promising artists, tip and tricks on maintaining your instruments, art events and exhibitions, music equipment and new literature. Because I am a fan, I’m always searching for the exciting news and events.
I am happy to share this information with you however I want this blog to be a collaborative and a participatory exchange experience, so don’t hesitate to send me a message on  messenger if you wish to contribute an article, a suggestion, an idea, a review or if you have an inquiry.
Making culture something new is what is all about.