What is a Hipanema bracelet ?

Hipane-what ? After more than two years, you’ve probably heard this word at least once. If not, you are surely wondering why some fashionistas have tooons of bracelets on their wrists and although you still don’t understand, you think it’s rather pretty and nice. Don’t wonder anymore, it’s a Hipanema bracelet !

What’s Hipanema?

It’s a bracelet with an exotic inspiration (Brazilian, specifically) that include different little “gris-gris”: Brazilian bracelets, beads and ribbons.

These bracelets are made from several materials and are very colorful, which gives them that boho look that we love.

The lowest price for is a Hipanema bracelet €35, but you’ll find a lot more models starting at €65.


Despite being known as “Brazilian”, the bracelet doesn’t just come from Brazil but from all of Latin America (read more about it). It has always been a greatly prized accessory for globetrotters around the world. It would have been popularized by travelers who spread the technique on their travels.


An artisanal fabrication

Beyond all of the excitement around this accessory, it’s important to remember that this is an artisanal product made by hand. That’s what justifies its price.

A brand that’s made in France!

No, you’re not imagining it, Hipanema is truly a French brand! The brand was created by two Parisian women who turned this simple bracelet into a large cuff bracelet. The two creators, Jenny Collinet and Delphine Crech’riou wanted to bring Brazil back with them after having met in Rio. They love to wear lots of little gris-gris and accessories of all kinds, but after the end of vacation and the return to the office, it’s hard to coordinate them with work outfits and have to wait until they fall. Hipanema was born.

Why is it causing a buzz?

Indeed, it’s the question that you might ask yourself when you see that the price is not even listed! But buying this piece of jewelry is not just buying a bracelet but a way of life, a way of thinking. You are joining a community (we’re not talking about a cult of course!).

What’s more, this bracelet really stands out from the others. Wear it to a meal or a night out and you will be surprised at the number of compliments you get. Its colors add a cheerful and vibrant touch. It is often adorned with a small Brazilian charm bracelet. Finally, its magnetic clasp is very practical: it allows you to put it on by yourself very easily.

This bracelet successfully combines colors and materials for a boho look that also has a very chic and elegant side!


And also…

The creators are going further since they have also created a line of bathing suits. These chic and elegant suits that are always printed with a little ethnic touch of beads resembling bracelets.

So, have you been won over by the Hipanema bracelet? 

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