Why is Nature important in contemporary art ?
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Nature is important to all of us, but artists can play a role in showing us how to save it.

The importance of nature in contemporary art

We are at a time when the natural world is under threat. Artists have always been inspired by nature and its landscapes. Centuries ago, they recorded nature´s beauties in a more passive way. In modern times they can play a more active role. An artist can become a militant ecowarrior fighting for the beauty he loves, lighting the way to save our environment before it is too late.

art gallery monaco

Contemporary art is a new way to raise environmental awareness

Artists have always been good on ideas. The world is under threat from climate change and they can show us the way to stop the damage. First of all, it is important to record what is happening. Photography is the initial and most obvious way to do this. Then the photo can become the inspiration or be a part of a more complicated work of modern art such as a painting or sculpture in an exhibition that can be viewed in a gallery. For example, Phillippe Pastor, an artist from Monaco, exhibit his art inspired by environment is an art gallery.

Ecology is a modern passion and contemporary art is a powerful tool in the fight to save our environment from irreversible damage.

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