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marcelline lapouffe lust

Marcelline LaPouffe; a genuine pseudonym for this young artist is one she uses to characterize herself. With it, she is free to express her inner eccentric universe monaco-style. It is with this name she expresses her take on themes that interest her.

Who is Marcelline Lapouffe?

Marcelline Lapouffe is an artist who depicts art using ”unconventional” items. Skeletons have always intrigued her. Therefore, it is not surprising that she debuted with her customized skeletons. Besides, the use of skeletons to portray her art, Marcelline has also made use of brains, hearts, skulls including other body parts to pass across her message through art. Some themes, she has touched on include greed and lust.


marcelline lapouffe lust

LUST® by Marcelline Lapouffe®




The art of Marcelline LaPouffe

Color is a major theme in Marceline’s artwork. We see her colorful sense of art, for instance, in the multitude of colors the different skeletons in her debut work in their various themes come in. Even for the LUST themed skeleton (her masterpiece) where the colors are not much, you will still find some amount of colors in this art.

The reason Marceline gives for using skeletons is that we all have them no matter our condition or status in life. Skeletons provide support for us all. This she says points us to the reality of how beautiful, our bodies are.

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