I’ve done some reading so you don’t have to: Suggestions for decorating your interiors with artwork

Are you living in a new place, in which you’d like to create a world which reflects you and in which you can feel comfortable? That was the situation I was in, and so I eagerly read a book on interior design, which taught me many things. Here is a summary of it… Depending on your tastes and your furnishings, you will be able to arrange art pieces in different ways in order to create an aesthetic, modern look, with clean lines and bright colours to draw in more light. Here you will find plenty of advice on how to showcase a painting.


Do not neglect the decoration of your interiors.

Tip 1: Find the right place for your artwork

Whatever techniques are used in the painting, if you would like to show it off, you will need to choose the right location for it in order to promote the artistic creation. Start by making a quick sketch of your home and of the rooms in which you would like to exhibit your art. Make sure that value is added to the artworks, both by furniture, but also by openings such as doors and windows.

Tip 2: Look for a large wall to really showcase your artwork

If your paintings are quite large, in order to really highlight them it will be necessary to choose a very large section of wall so as not to constrict the painting(s). If an abstract painting is composed of several pieces, you can play on an offset in order to add an original touch, and to allow one to contemplate the art both from near and from afar.

Finally, a large wall section will also allow you to change the paintings according to your desires, including the mount, if this is no longer in sync with the colours in the room, for example.

Tip 3: Choose a colour of paint which will illuminate your artwork

In order to emphasise a piece of art when it is mounted on a wall, this wall must be painted in very light shades. This doesn’t seem like much, but it is nevertheless a careful job. A white wall is the most flattering for paintings, particularly if they are not very bright. You can also choose light tones like pale yellow or almond green. It’s up to you to showcase your paintings as you see fit. And it is even easier to discover works of art now that they are exhibited online…


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