What should I expect from an interior designer ?
Living room designed by a professional

Stunning interior design does not happen by chance. It all begins with you and what you want for your space. Interior designers provide the professional expertise that will help you take a dream, an idea or concept for a space from the thought phase to reality. Having a clear idea of why you’re hiring one and what to expect from them goes a long way in ensuring the success of a project.

Living room designed by a professional

A well designed living room

What is the difference between an architect and an interior designer?

Though both are professionals that develop and design plans, the key difference between architects and interior designers lies in what they design. While architects design buildings, interior designers work on interior spaces to create a desired look and function. They determine what a space needs to make it beautiful, safe, and functional, and use furniture along with decorative items such as lighting fixtures, materials, colours and other accessories to achieve the desired result. The aim is to make the space more functional, pleasant and liveable.

Why should I call an interior designer?

It is likely you have your own sense of style and inspiration or possibly you’re clueless about designing and what you want. Whatever the case, there are several reasons you may need the expertise of a designer.

Beautiful stairs made by an interior designer

Nice work of an interior designer

An interior designer has that keenly trained eye that will bring that “wow factor” to your space. They are able to balance aesthetics and function and strategically fit individual items into a space so everything becomes a whole. An interior designer possesses key skills like colour balancing and a sense of creativity. They also have a good knowledge of fabrics, styles and trends, and possess excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Interior designers use the aesthetic that appeals to you to set the parameters for their style decisions. This allows them to offer new and refreshing ideas as they work to bring your idea or concept to life. You furnish them with your thoughts on how you think the space should function, and they will develop on this and execute your ideas to produce your dream interior.

Designers use a combination of spatial design and planning to create or design spaces that solve problems for commercial and residential clients. This requires an ability to read blueprints and being knowledgeable about building regulations. From the outset, they take into consideration your financial capabilities for the project, and ensure adequate budgeting and planning is carried out to avoid failures.

To be successful, the working relationship between client and designer requires a key ingredient – trust. The bond between you and your designer is sacred. If you are lucky enough to live in Paris or along the French Riviera, Luxoria is an interior design company you can count on !

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