Choosing your first guitar

The choice of a first guitar should not be random and it can be difficult to find yourself in the middle of all that is available. Here are some tips to help you with this first purchase.

To choose your guitar, follow my advice

To choose your guitar, follow my advice

The different types of guitar

The electric guitar

It is often used to play in a rock, blues, metal, or jazz band. It has a solid body that requires amplification. Several types of electric guitar exist to create sounds that meet the needs of each of the different musical styles.

It is a very convenient guitar because you can play it without disturbing the neighbors by using headphones or unplugging it. This type of guitar is also very sensitive, making it easy to play, but at the same time requiring great mastery in order to obtain a “perfect” sound. Its price is relatively high when compared to other guitars.

Steel-string acoustic guitar

It is ideal for playing pop music or to accompany singing. It has the shape of an acoustic guitar, but with metal strings that you can find on specialized websites or at a luthier (an instrument maker/repairer).This guitar is easy to transport, it is not very expensive, and it has a thin neck, which makes learning easier.

But watch your fingers because the metal strings are a lot harder to work with!

Classical guitar

This is the most common guitar, being used for classical music, flamenco, or even bossa nova. It is a very good compromise because it is easy to carry around; it is not very expensive, and its strings are relatively sensitive, not having to be pressed very hard.

In short, to choose your guitar …

If you are just starting, avoid investing in an expensive guitar. Like a first car, it will serve as a “teacher.” Over time, your desires and your skill level will evolve and you will certainly want to replace it. The look of your guitar does not matter. You’re not going to be playing right away with the Rolling Stones, so there is no need for anything extravagant! Each guitar has its own characteristics and it is up to you to choose according to your desires and to what you want to play!

When choosing your first guitar, do not be fooled by its looks

When choosing your first guitar, do not be fooled by its looks

2 Thoughts on “Choosing your first guitar

  1. Choosing his first guitar is important. You musn’t choose it according to its look. This is not a crucial point. The most important in this choice is the type of the guitar you prefer. Your desires and your skill level are two carateristics you must considered.

  2. Jack Black on 4 September 2014 at 16 h 28 min said:

    Well i I agree with you, choosing your first guitar is important as this will drive you into the style of music you will be playing. As an artiste, i personnaly have at least 5 different guitars depending on the performance i am going to give. Many people wonder why a guitar that is made in a factory doesn’t perform the same from one item to another. Well that’s the beauty about music, every instrument is as unique as the artiste using it. Rock on!

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