What is the history of the Italian anthem?
hymne italien

“Il canto degli Italiani”, which can be translated as “The Song of the Italians” is the national anthem of Italy.

hymne italien

This song was born in 1847 in the region of Liguria, in Genoa. It was created by a young Italian born 20 years ago, and student at the time of the writing of the hymn, Goffredo Mameli. Inspired by La Marseillaise, a patriotic song that was already the French anthem, Goffredo Mameli wrote this text, which was later put to music by the Italian composer and patriot Michele Novaro.

The lines of the anthem were motivated by a patriotic spirit very widespread at that time. Indeed, the war against Austria was declared shortly afterwards. There was therefore a marked fervor for the country and the flag. This song became famous during the Italian unification (during the second half of the 19th century), and the Italians made it their favorite song.

He remained a powerful symbol of this unification during the decades that followed, finally to be recognized national anthem by the Senate of the Republic in November 2017, 170 after its creation.

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