Choosing your musical instrument
choose your first instrument

There is a large variety of instruments to choose from, and each one has its own characteristics. However, they can be placed into 3 categories based on their similarities.

choose your first instrument

Make up your choice !

1/ String instruments

If it’s flexibility you’re after, the strings are for you! The piano and guitar offer multiple ways to play music – you can play whatever you want, alone or with other musicians. Both instruments are universally loved and an excellent way to seduce girls.
Others, such as the violin or double bass, are commonly played as part of a group, making a rhythmic or melodic accompaniment. Their wooden bodies create resonance to transmit strong emotions to the audience, which is why they are often used for film soundtracks.

2/ Wind instruments

Most wind instruments are fairly small and portable, perfect for impromptu jam sessions with your friends. Their abilities are limited, so they sound best when played together. They make up an essential section of the orchestra and are well known for their solos during performances.
The main sub-section, the brass instruments, are ideal for expressing happiness. They’re powerful enough (and loud enough!) to make an impression on everyone around you.

3/ Percussion

The most famous member of the percussion family, the drum kit, has many functions. Made up of several elements, the sounds produced can easily be adapted to whatever style is required. Perfect for playing in a group, the drums can be accompanied by any string or wind instrument. Playing the drums is an energetic activity, well-suited to people who need physical exercise.
You might choose the djembe or the tamtam, which produce a narrow range of sounds but combine beautifully to create an exotic rhythm, and are fairly easy to play.

Now that you have a better idea of the magical world of music, it’s time to make your choice and start playing. You’ll discover the satisfaction of making music and sharing your enjoyment with the people around you. So what are you waiting for?

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