Passionnate People are the essence of Art

What is a Hipanema bracelet ?


Hipane-what ? After more than two years, you’ve probably heard this word at least once. If not, you are surely wondering why some fashionistas have tooons of bracelets on their wrists and although you still don’t understand, you think it’s rather pretty and nice. Don’t wonder anymore, it’s a Hipanema bracelet ! Read More →

How art can raise awareness for environmental damage?

Philippe Pastor is planting trees for the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign

A responsible and artistic association in Monaco

The “Art & Environnement association” ( is an association created by the painter Philippe Pastor. His work as an artist is focused on the environment and Pastor has always been very committed to climate change and ecology.

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Tattoo artist: a real artistic profession

Tattoo artists are really passionate

This weekend, I decided to take the plunge! I got a tattoo! Since the time I started talking about it… But certain things prevented me from doing it, like the pain! But ultimately it wasn’t so painful. I wanted to share this little piece of my life with you, dear Internet! This is also an opportunity for me to give you some tips on this fashionable trend that’s actually an artistic profession. Read More →

Meet the painter Philippe Pastor


Today, I decided to talk to you about a painter that I discovered : Philippe Pastor… read this ! Read More →

Choosing your first guitar


The choice of a first guitar should not be random and it can be difficult to find yourself in the middle of all that is available. Here are some tips to help you with this first purchase. Read More →